A Message on Funeral Service Adjustments

Posted on May 9, 2020 by Brunner Sanden Deitrick Funeral Home under Cremation, Death, Etiquette, Family, Funeral Etiquette, Funerals, Stress

We are essential workers

There is no doubt that local businesses have been impacted by COVID-19. While we are no exception to that, not much has changed in terms of our offering. As essential workers, we still provide full service funerals. We have been guiding families through traditional burial services, traditional cremation services, memorials, military honors and religious services. Families have always been able to choose either cremation or burial as a means of disposition and there are no restrictions to this choice now. It remains your personal decision.

Adjustments to service

While we may be limited in terms of the gathering of friends and family, we have enabled families to participate in the rituals that are most important to them. Distancing of available seating, wearing of masks and spacing of customers are adjustments we have made in order to protect the health of attendees, funeral home staff and members of clergy or celebrants. We have placed hand sanitizer units throughout our funeral home and arrangement center and encourage both staff and families to participate in frequent hand washing. We have asked our staff to monitor their own temperature prior to reporting to work and to stay home if they are feeling ill.

Additions to service

While some families have opted to postpone services in their entirety until the government lifts social distancing guidelines, others have chosen to utilize our new webcast service, which allows family and friends to view services from the comfort of their home. The link to the webcast may be made public or kept private at the wish of the family.

Our commitment

We will continue to guide families, as we always have, in ways they can meaningfully and safely commemorate the life of their loved one, while adhering to the guidance issued by federal, state and local public health officials. We are confident that the changes are temporary and that we can one day soon go back to joining people in our community on behalf of the families we serve. Until then, we will continue to do what we have always pledged to do, that is supporting the community at a level of excellence that exceeds expectations.

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